Cave Chaos

Cave Chaos is one of the best running games on the internet. The rating of the game is over 98% and it makes the game very popular. This game is published by Nitrome. Credits for this popular game also goes to the creators Markus Heinel, Andrew Garden and Lee Nicklen. Markus Heinel have made the artwork job, Andrew Garden have programmed the game and Lee Nicklen made the background music for the game.

Even on the first look you can see why Cave Chaos is better and more popular than the other running games. As you can see, the game have perfect graphic and gives an attractive image for players eyes. The artwork guy picked a very good mix of colors and made a perfect looking cave background. I have tested so many running games and found a lot of bugs while playing them, but in Cave Chaos I haven’t found a single bug. The programmer also have done a perfect job for making the game without bugs. I just have a little critique about the menu music before you start the game, because the music is very irritating.

This game have 20 levels. Even from the first level you can see that you need to have skills to pass the level. You need to run and be fast because if you stop or run slowly, the stone bridge will fall and you will fall also. If you want to increase your score, you got to grab all of the diamonds while you are running. There are also falling boxes, rocks and ghosts that will try to stop you or make you slower while you try to pass over the falling stone bridge. You need to take care from the rats, because if they climb on your head, you’ll be very slow. Be patient because sometimes the stone bridge appears a bit slower and you should wait him to show up fully.


Cave Chaos have an option for playing the game in Single Play or Multiplayer. It’s very fun playing the game with some of your friends. The rules are very simple, the player who will get more diamonds and pass the level will won and get a point. There are few tricks that will help you win in multiplay. If you are second and you want to win, you need to jump on first players head, so that will slow him and you will be able to pass him. If you are first, you can also slow the second player by not giving him space to run or jump on you so this will make him fall from the falling stone bridge. You can play similar games at: The Cookie Clicker, dinosaur games free, investigation games, Friv, Bad Ice Cream, arcade spiderman games and Cave Chaos.

Challenge all your friends on Cave Chaos!

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